28 January 2009

Extraordinary Lives Part 3 - The Couple with See-through Bellies

Meet Terry and Nosferatu Smith. They are like any other married couple, apart from one thing, they have see-through bellies.

Terry was born in Utrecht, Holland. Where as Nosferatu was born in Guatemala, and then moved to the UK, aged 9. The two of them are the only people in the world to have the rare condition, known as tumtumtransporlaria. In 2002, they met over the internet, after hearing about eachother.

"I was so glad to meet Nosferatu," Terry tells me. "I thought I was alone on this planet. The kids at school used to be bully me saying things like "oi I can see your toast!" or they sometimes used to feed me furbies, so that they could see them in my stomach...it was horrible."