30 August 2010


24 August 2010

Art Attack: Secret Stuff

Was up in the attic the other day and found this absolute gem.

Haha, Neil you fucking donut.

I do worry about you Neil.

11 August 2010

01 August 2010

Extraordinary lives Part 6 - Yogurt boy

Roger Ganet, 12 is one of the most extraordinary cases at the royal institute for weirdoes. At 10 Roger opened an angry pot of yogurt and from then on he has been forever changed. An angry yogurt is one of the many weird and essentially destructive scientific creations that man has created. Once opened the angry yogurt will attach itself onto the face of the governing individual and slowly take over the users body. A very painful and annoying process, but the most unusual thing about the angry yogurt is it lets its user carry on their daily life with only minor lifestyle changes. Perhaps the worst (as Roger Ganet would say) is the familiar smell of yogurt known to many of us. Roger Ganet said in an interview “If you smell like any form of dairy your bound to get bullied in some way.” There are other things about the condition that are a problem. As you walk around nodules of the creamy substance fall off onto the floor. This means that Roger Ganet and the four other people worldwide can’t attend mainstream school and they are forced to constantly clean up behind them. Other changes to Roger’s lifestyle include having to sleep in the bath, being unable to do fiddly tasks because of the creamy yogurt around his hands and always having wet clothes and being generally wet. ‘Sometimes I don’t even wear clothes. It’s not like anyone can see anything anyway.’ Said Roger in a recent interview with the daily gazette. One of the good things about it is always being cool and even in the sun it evaporates but is replaced by fresh cool yogurt very rapidly. Doctors are working on various treatments for Roger, one of which tries to evaporate the yogurt quicker than Roger can replenish it. This treatment is proving effective but Roger has to constantly be in a bubble and because of the heat used to evaporate the yogurt it gets very hot and stuffy inside and Roger is always ready for new treatments to replace the bubble. ‘It’s replaced one annoyance with another’ said Roger. With the introduction of new gene technology scientists are now close to unraveling the genetic code for Roger and they are now making progress on why the condition arises. That’s it on Roger and we wish him all the best in the future.