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Extraordinary Lives Part 5 - Half Roast Dinner, Half Man

"When I was 7 I started developing small plates on my back. Then cutlery, glasses and even food grew. By the time I was 13, my transformation was complete."

Zachariah "Crill" Scapegoatingson currently lives in a specially made facility that enables him to live some sort of a normal life. "Before, when I lived in the 'real world', people would just come up to me and try and stuff off of my back/table. When they tried to do this it really hurt me becuase the things they tried to pull were attached to my body."

However, in 2006 Dr. Gary Lambastion became aware of Zachariah's condition and decided to try and help. "I have been developing a special ointment which aims to reduce the build up of gravy on Zachariah's back. So far the result have been quite promising, but we are still quite far off of a full recovery.

01 February 2009