03 November 2010


Sat 27 Nov 2010

8:30pm - 1:30am

Disaster: an event or accident that causes great distress or destruction. A Disaster is also a complete failure.
Diastr: an accidental event that explores creativity on the brink of great distress, impending failure and possible destruction.
Phoenix Brighton’s quarterly Factory event brings yet another eclectic experience, this time in the form of unfolding fun, games, music and uncertainty!

Diastr is both an exhibition and a game created by Tim Cole and Theo Lamarche with a giant interactive home-made rotating board with optional paths and destinations. Along the way players are subjected to world changing disastrous events, triggering live sound effects and apocalyptic encounters.

Every person entering Diastr will have the opportunity to be involved, having their hand stamped with one of four colours representing the four teams playing the game. A live performance of Diastr will evolve throughout the night, featuring 4 players and a games master; each team can have a player for the entire session but team mates can swap and change throughout the evening as the going gets tough and the game unfolds… who knows what will happen!

The excitement will be filmed and a live stream will be projected into the gallery as a backdrop to a hotbed of both experimental and conventional music and performances, which in turn will be projected into the games room. The walls of the Gallery will feature images and sculptures produced by artists in response to the theme of disaster.
Economic gloom, ecological catastrophe … Diastr is the last Phoenix event of the year and of the decade … Game on!

Tickets: £4/3

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